Zend Framework in Ubuntu 8.04


Update: The packaged version of Zend Framework is currently quite out of date (5 versions behind the current release at the time of writing), so I would recommend grabbing the latest release from http://framework.zend.com/ instead of installing using the method below.

With the release of Hardy, the Ubuntu repositories now include a package for the Zend Framework, so you can have just one copy of the library on your server that is automatically updated. To install and use this:

sudo apt-get install zend-framework

then add it to the include_path for your app, in a .htaccess file:

php_value include_path '.:/usr/share/php/libzend-framework-php'

you can then require in Zend Framework classes as you need them, or use the Zend autoloader to pull them in automatically when instantiated.

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16th Oct, 2012

Hello, Alan.I am a developer of aplincatiops in PHP. Working with PHP connected to MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle. In a new project, a PostgreSQL client want to migrate aplincatiops to DB2. I tried to connect PHP with DB2 and had difficulties. The whole system runs on a server (Web, PHP and Database). I have a PHP script that uses the db2connect and I get a message Call to undefined function . The php.ini file has been changed with the statement: extension = phpibm_db2.dll Sorry for the difficulty in the language, I'm from Brazil and I am studying your language.If you can help me or point out what I read, I appreciate it.Thank you.

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