Information about things I'm working on, along with things I've been involved in in the past.

Past projects

Things I was once involved in: - A community site for players of the counter-terrorism game Counter-Strike. Although no longer active, at its peak the site was getting 20,000 page views per day, making it easily the most popular UK site on the topic, and top 3 in the competitive European scene. I co-founded the site with Peter Lambert, and was responsible for all the coding and the day-to-day running.

The Icon Bar - A RISC OS community site I co-founded with Richard Goodwin. The site is still active although I'm no longer directly involved, and the focus has moved a little away from RISC OS.

Acorn Arcade - A RISC OS gaming site created by Alasdair Bailey and Graham Crockford, which eventually merged with my own site on the same topic. The site has since merged with TIB (see above).